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Setup your sending domain
Setup your sending domain

This article will help you on how to setup your sending domain

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Setup 2 TXT records with your DNS provider to give us permission to send emails on your behalf, and one CNAME record for open email tracking.

This is typically done through your host or domain registrar (,,, etc.) Instructions here may vary (check with your host support if you get stuck).

How to verify a domain

  1. Go to the email setup page, or click on your avatar and select Email option.

  2. Scroll down to the Sending domains section and click on Add domain button.

  3. Add your domain.

    1. We recommend using a subdomain with Quickpage e.g. This prevents your authentication records from interfering with your top level domain, but it doesn't require the extra work of setting up a separate subdomain.

  4. After the domain was added you will be prompted with the configuration details. From here you can do the verification (continue the steps below), or send the details to your IT department.

  5. Access Domain Registrars (see below the list of common domain registers) and, add the TXT and CNAME records. NOTE: We recommend adding both the TXT and CNAME records. The TXT records are required for sending and CNAME for tracking open emails.

  6. After you have added the TXT and CNAME records, wait 5 minutes and click the Verify button.

    1. After you've made the required DNS changes, the DNS changes can come into effect within one hour but may take 24+ hours in rare cases.

Note: It is possible that you will see a temporary drop in open rates after setting up a verified sending domain. This is because mailbox providers re-evaluate your sender reputation any time there is a major change to the way you send email (IP address, from-address, return-path address, DKIM-signing domain, etc.)

While your reputation is being re-calculated, it is normal to see open rates temporarily drop or improve. They should return to normal after sending through your verified sending domain consistently for 2-3 weeks.

TXT and CNAME Instructions for Common Domain Registrars

Need help verifying your domain?

Contact us on our support if you need help with verification of your domain.

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