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How to Add a CTA in Quickpage?
How to Add a CTA in Quickpage?

In this article, we're going to show you how you can actually create a Call-to-Action button for your Quickpage.

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What is a call to action?

It is a direction or instruction that you're giving your viewer or the person who is reading your Quickpage email. You're giving them the next step to follow. You're asking them to take an action.

Call to Action Button function

The Add CTA button will give you the option to create an actual button instead of just a link. You can certainly use a hyperlink to be able to direct people to a certain place, but it's so much nicer and neater when you have a visual graphic like a button.

What are some uses of Call-to-Action Button?

  1. Lead people to subscribe to an email list

  2. Download a document

  3. Visit a certain web page

How to create and customize a Call-to-Action Button?

  1. Click the Call-to-Action Button

  2. Create a button text

  3. Set a button URL

  4. Change the background and text color of the button

  5. Click Add button

Save button to favorites feature

We can also save a button to Favorites, which allows you to use a recurring button throughout several different Quickpages if you choose to do that.

How to add a saved button to your Quickpage?

  1. Click Favorites

  2. Enter text to search for buttons

  3. Click Add button

So that's all there is to it. You add a call to Action to your Quickpage by using the Add CTA button

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