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How to use Personalization Tags
How to use Personalization Tags

How to guide on how to use personalization (smart tags) on your Quickpages.

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Quickpage offers personalized tags for Contact and User fields. The Personalization Tags (PT) can be used to insert dynamic content into your pages and emails.

Quickpage also offers dynamic PT that can be identified by the special parameters in the query search of the URL.

You may want to use PT in your Quickpages to create highly personalized experiences for your visitors.

How it works

We automatically generate PT’s for your Contact and User fields.

The generated fields have the following format {{}}.

If the PT is added to a page and the page is shared via email or is viewed by the contact, they will see their name populated in the message.

The dynamic PT has the following format {{qp_custom}}.

The "custom" part can be anything, for example:

{{qp_name}}, {{qp_phone}} and the value for these PT’s can be passed via the query string URL.

For example:

If you add {{qp_name}} to your page body and in your page URL is

if someone visits your page the dynamic PT "{{qp_name}}" will be updated to "Jon".

One of the best use cases for dynamic PT is when you want to link a Quickpage from a different CRM and want to personalize the page.

**NOTE: NOTE: At this time the dynamic PT in the following format {{query_string_name}} -, In this case you can use {{invited_name}} in your page body and will display Quickpage for your visitors. This option is only available via the URL. If you plan on sending your pages via Quickpage contacts, the dynamic PT will not have a value.

When a PT doesn't have a value, the PT is removed from the page/email.

How to use Personalization Tags

The PT can be added to your page title and body.

If you want to add to your page title you will need to manually type in the PT.

If you want to add the PT to the page body you can access the tag option within the editor and select the tag you wish to add.

List of Personalization Tags

Below is a list of personalization tags that you can use in your pages/email.




Contact full name (e.g. Jon Doe)


Contact first name (e.g. Jon)


Contact last name (e.g. Doe)


Contact email (e.g.


Contact phone (e.g. (555) 555-5555)


User full name (e.g. Jane Doe)


User first name (e.g. Jane)


User last name (e.g. Doe)


User email (e.g.


User phone (e.g.(444) 444-4444)


Dynamic variable, “custom” can be replaced with a different text (e.g. {{name}}, {{email}}, {{phone}}...)

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