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SMS texting options and credits
SMS texting options and credits

Ways to text Quickpage video and sms text credits

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There are 3 different ways to text a Quickpage. *Please note that SMS texting via Quickpage contacts is limited to sending to USA, Canada and Australia numbers at this time. Please do not purchase SMS text credits inside of Quickpage app if you are texting outside of these countries at this time.

  1. Using Quickpage contacts: You can send a Quickpage via SMS text from the Quickpage mobile app or desktop using the first share option- Quickpage Contacts. This method requires SMS text approval and SMS text credits (additional credits can be purchased for 1 US penny a credit inside of your account under billing- desktop only). This method generates the video gif thumbnail.

2. From your own phone contacts- Using the SMS text option from the share inside Quickpage app you can share via your own phone and contacts. This does not require credits. Sending a Quickpage via your own phone contacts will display a nice video thumbnail but not the video gif. Does not require SMS approval.

3. From your Twilio number: You have the option to integrate your Twilio number inside of your Quickpage account (on desktop under profile dropdown labeled integrations). Using a Twilio number does not require Quickpage SMS credits but it does require Twilio credits (purchased inside your Twilio account). This method does not require SMS approval. This method also generates the video gif thumbnail. Twilio is the preferred method for international texting outside of USA, Canada and Australia.

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