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Managers vs Members

Difference between members and managers on team accounts

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A team consists of one admin and members or managers.

Members only see their own pages and managers see everyone's pages plus are able to do a few other things members can't.

You can make everyone a manager or pick and choose.

Each user, both manager and member, can add their own logo, branding and contact details.

Members can only see and use their own Quickpages/resources unless they are shared with them such as contacts or media folders.

Admin/Managers can see everything. Admin, managers and members are the only ones who can edit their own Quickpages.

Admin has access to billing/account information and the ability to purchase text credits, Twilio number and create the custom subdomain.

On our roadmap is the ability to give edit permissions to other team members/managers on Quickpages, similar to Google Docs permissions.

Also on our roadmap is the ability to select between multiple personas/brands but this feature is not available at this time.

Hope this helped! Thanks!

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